ASAP Express Limited was created by people who are frustrated with the high shipping rates and poor customer service currently being offered by many of the courier services in Jamaica.

As frequent online shoppers, we know the pitfalls of the services currently being offered, and as such, we have tailored ASAP Express Limited to be exactly as we would want for ourselves. We are not offering a rebranded, duplicated service of the main couriers in the island, but a completely unique user experience to online shoppers who want premium services without paying premium cost.

With the lowest rates, efficient services and friendly and courteous staff, we pledge to offer you the best services you can imagine.

Here at ASAP Express, we treat your packages like our own!

Shipping twice a week

Packages arrive in Jamaica every Monday and Friday. They are generally available for pick up the next day.

Gift Forwarding

Relatives and friends overseas can drop off/mail your gift items to your ASAP address in Florida and we will forward it to you on our next shipment.

Comprehensive Tracking

We keep you up-to-date with the progress of your packages from the moment it reaches our warehouse in Florida to when it is ready or pick up in Jamaica.

Email Notification & Text Message Notification

We email you with the progress of your package each step of the way. Even if you don't have a smartphone or access to Wi-Fi or mobile data you are still notified via sms messages!

Customs Clearance

We handle the customs clearance for all your packages. If any duties or fees are charged it is added to your invoice.


For the busy bees who are strapped for time, we can arrange to have your packages delivered to you!

Credit Card Service

Never miss out on awesome online deals again! If you don’t have a credit card, we’ll shop for you! Speak to a representative today to find out more.


Weight (lbs) Rate (JMD) Weight (lbs) Rate (JMD)
1 550.00 26 9,400.00
2 900.00 27 9,700.00
3 1,300.00 28 10,000.00
4 1,550.00 29 10,400.00
5 1,900.00 30 10,700.00
6 2,300.00 31 10,900.00
7 2,600.00 32 11,300.00
8 3,000.00 33 11,600.00
9 3,200.00 34 12,000.00
10 3,600.00 35 12,200.00
11 4,000.00 36 12,500.00
12 4,400.00 37 12,900.00
13 4,700.00 38 13,200.00
14 5,100.00 39 13,500.00
15 5,300.00 40 13,800.00
16 5,600.00 41 14,100.00
17 6,000.00 42 14,500.00
18 6,300.00 43 14,700.00
19 6,700.00 44 15,100.00
20 6,900.00 45 15,400.00
21 7,200.00 46 15,800.00
22 7,600.00 47 16,000.00
23 7,800.00 48 16,300.00
24 8,200.00 49 16,700.00
25 8,500.00 50 17,000.00
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Processing Fee
*ALL weight categories are subject to a $200 processing fee.

See What Our Customer Are Saying?

We treat your packages like our own

"Excellent Service!"


"Will be using them again A++"

Mark Blake - Customer

How To

Follow these simple and easy steps

1. Sign in to the user panel

Click log in or signup button at the top

2. Note mailbox number

This is unique to your account

3. Use shipping address along with mailbox number

Use the shipping address and add the mailbox number in address line two

4. Check dashboard for updates

We will take it from here. Check dashboard regularly

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Call, email or visit us today!

Kingston Office:

Address: 57 Hope Road, Kingston 6, Kingston

Port Antonio Office:

Address: Shops #14-15, Morgan’s Plaza, 24-26 Harbour Street, Port Antonio, Portland

Store Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5:30pm

Sat: 9am - 5pm

Sun: 10am - 3pm

Contact our support team:




Email: info@asapexpressit.com


Live chat available via our website

Frequently Asked Questions

Packages are updated in batches. By end of day your package will show in your tracking.

There may be an error in the shipping address. If it is not showing in your ASAP Express account 24 hours after delivery, contact us.

After your package is delivered to your Florida address, it is sent to Jamaica on the next shipment out. If it is delivered between Monday and Wednesday, it will arrive in Jamaica on Friday. If it is delivered between Thursday and Saturday, it will arrive in Jamaica on Monday.

ASAP Express has to declare to Jamaica customs the contents and value of each package entering the country through our service. If invoices are not provided, this will result in delays at customs and there is the possibility that the customs officer inspecting the shipment will assign a higher value to your package.

All packages valued over US$50 are subject to customs duty charges. Keep your orders below US$50 if you want to avoid paying duties.

You have thirty(30) days from your original invoice date to collect your package. Failure to collect within the stipulated time frame will result in a daily storage fee of fifty($50) being applied to your invoice.

*Please note that we are only able to store your package for a maximum of sixty(60) days. After this time, items will be removed from our warehouse and will no longer be available for collection.

Yes. However, all updates and charges will go to your account. It will be more convenient for each person to have their own account. It’s free!

All packages coming through Jamaica Customs are opened and inspected by a customs officer to verify that the invoice matches the contents of the package. They are then resealed using cello tape.

Packages with weights not listed on the rate chart will be charged the next rate up. For example: A package weighing 1.5lbs will incur a charge of $800.

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